What is Lyman House Realty Group?

Lyman House Realty Group is a licensed Maine real estate company (ME Lic# AL90603005). We offer MLS listing service throughout the State of Maine as well as full brokerage services in Cumberland and York Counties.

Our Listing services works by obtaining an Exclusive Listing & Marketing agreement with the seller of the properties. Lyman House Realty Group does not answer questions about the property, set up showings, negotiate terms of sale or attend closings. Lyman House Realty does not offer any advice to sellers or buyers – they just list the property on MLS.

Well, Where do you get the information to put on MLS?

The seller provides all the property information that is entered into MLS. The buyer or the buyers’ agent should verify all data.

How do I get my commission?

If you are a Maine licensed real estate professional, your commissions are paid to you at closing – just like any other real estate transaction.

How do I set up a showing?

You will need to contact the seller directly. Their contact info is listed in the “Showing Instructions” on the MLS listing. If the seller does not respond within a reasonable amount of time – please call 800-758-8560 ext. 5.


I have a buyer who wants to place an offer on the property? Who do I submit a Purchase & Sale to?

All offers are given to and are negotiated directly with the seller. Any offers submitted to Lyman House Realty Group will be forwarded to the seller within 1 business day. All accepted offers that are in writing will ne updated by Lyman House Realty Group within one business day. Please contact info@thelymanhousecompany.com with the address of the property, the date offer was accepted, the closing date and the Realtor Agent ID#. Lyman house will confirm with the seller and updates will go into MLS. Thank you in advance for your notifications.

Who holds the Earnest Money?

Lyman House Realty Group does not hold earnest money in escrow. Please make arrangements with the seller or buyer’s broker to hold and earnest money.

Who gives access to the property
for inspections, appraisals or
a final walk through?

Contact the seller to gain access to the property for all reasons. Lyman House Realty Group does not set up access to properties.